Last 2018, we have partnered with the Purple Community Foundation and its CEO, Jane Walker. Our main vision is to give back by supporting the education of the children of those families in the Philippines who are less fortunate.

Our aim is to make a change to these families within one generation to reduce homelessness and allow these people to be the best versions of themselves.

To gain an understanding to Jane Walker’s story, please watch the video.

Our local team in Manila are given the opportunity to run classes with these children as well as to go help improve the site. Late last year, we had 21 of our people who have given their time to paint and re-build the current facility. The work has grown and we were able to help thousands of people last year already. The unit next door is for rent and will be a great opportunity in preparation for the new intake of 2019 students.

You’re always welcome to go and visit the site and meet with Jane’s team. This is a true partnership in Giving Back and we would love you on board.

All of us continue to work towards further success in this encouraging project with the goal of turning these young people’s lives around.

Kindest regards,
Frank Ganis
CBF Print



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