We are proud to offer plain and printed rewind packaging solutions, to partners based in Sydney and beyond, for many different products and applications. CBF Print’s roll of film is specially manufactured by machines that can turn into packs and are some of the best rewind fil you’ll find around. Rewind packaging is an economical choice for rewind film protecting items against damage and contamination. We can provide professional protective packaging that reduces the risk of unnecessary spoilage and costly wastage. It can speed up the packing process and reduce labour and packaging costs. Most of the packaging films are for snacks, nuts, drinking powder, confectionery and more.

What is rewind in packaging?

Rewind film is a highly flexible packaging option that can be mass-produced in a wound-up roll. CBF Print can give you rewind film that is unprinted or printed with your logo. Unprinted rewind is equally effective for various packaging and protective reasons too. The roll can be used for your custom packaging plans. If you prefer a printed rewind film roll, we can discuss a design that is most recognisable when it comes to your brand. Whether it is the continuous, repetitive logo printed across the surface area of the film or as a lamination configuration. We can discuss a range of quality film substrates such as BOPP, LDPE, LLPDE, HDPE, PET, OPP, CPP, NYLON, EVOH, and Aluminium Foil, High Barrier, Metallised options, anti-fog films, anti-static and more. There are many customisable features available with the team at CBF Print and we’ll go through some of them below…

CBF Print rewind fill customisation options

We can perfectly customise the size to your needs, and you can also enjoy the expertise of our in-house design team to work on something strictly unique to you. Digitally printed solutions are also available to you in CMYK, spot colour, black and white. Our rewind film solutions are ideal for all clients looking for protective packaging including food, beauty, medical, farming, chemicals and much more. 
Advantages of CBF Print rewind film

CBF Print packaging guarantee

We’ve been in the business of improving product packaging design for over 35 years. There is no order too big or too small for our team and everyone gets the VIP treatment. We don’t want you to call us for a once-off project, we want to build a relationship with you. The team at CBF Print will work hard to give you service that keeps you relying on our expert knowledge. We deliver on time, with quick turnaround times and we’re brilliant at offering a wide variety of custom solutions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we aim to provide solutions that offer long-term, vision-related work. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you.

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