CBF Print is the one-stop packaging and printing solution for your business and personal needs in Sydney and across Australia. You can rely on us for exceptionally printed band or sleeve production. This is one of many of our professional packaging solutions that aim to wrap your items while including crucial information about your brand that will visually attract your customers. Pre-glued printed sleeves for hand application to ready meals packaging. CBF Print is your one-stop design to distribution packaging supplier in Sydney. We have been in the business of professional packaging for big franchise companies to private special event needs for over 30 years. Call us for a large range of brand packaging from digital print design to the shipping cartons you need. It doesn’t matter the size of the order we will give you the best available pricing on the market. You can enjoy many customisable features with us and we’ve detailed some of them below…

What is sleeve packaging?

Food sleeve packaging is the best way to deliver on your brand awareness goals without wasting money and environmental risks on much more cumbersome packaging. It consists of a piece of paper, cardboard, plastic, or other material that wraps around a product. These sleeves are usually printed with your logo, product information and usage instructions. You can cut the cost of traditional packaging types because this offers less wastage and much easier distribution capability. CBF Print offers food sleeve packaging with coatings that make them more durable, structurally sound, and visually appealing because those colours won’t fade. Custom food packaging sleeves are a cost-effective branding solution and we’re here to help you navigate all your options.

Benefits of CBF Print food sleeve packaging?

In a world where customers require products that are easy to use and clear in their messaging, CBF print can help to design the tools you need to achieve this. We use sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on quality and reliability. You don’t have to use generic product packing options because we can help you design something that is unforgettable. Don’t compromise on quality, choose CBF Print, and we will make it a priority. We’ll ensure that new customers are attracted to you and existing ones come to expect that your product is safe for consumption.

CBF high-turnaround guarantee

We’ve been in the business of making custom product packaging for over thirty years now and have established ourselves as leaders in this industry. We know how to professionally manage the high demand for quality products for our clients across the country. Choose us and you can join the ranks of the long-term relationships we’ve built with our partnered suppliers and even established our manufacturing facilities to keep up with them. Thanks to our intimate relationships, we’ve learnt exactly how to continue delivering the highest quality products at the lowest prices. The team at CBF is so committed to offering services that keep us in good stead with our clientele that we closely engage in design and conceptual work too. This helps us to solidify the relationships we have with our clients and helps is to have greater insights into the required quality levels we pass on to our clients.

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