The Coffee Bag is an extremely important aspect of your product delivery and CBF print is an important coffee packaging provider in the process of doing so. Our aim is not only to provide a coffee bag but also a practical and eco-friendly package that keeps the inside coffee fresh and flavoured. We have biodegradable and compostable options available to our coffee producer enthusiasts looking to work on their climate footprint. Call CBF Print for our premium range of coffee bags and you can also personalize your bags with custom printed packaging. We can work on a custom packaging size order that is best for your style of doing business, but we also have stock sizes available if you don’t know where to start. Our coffee bag materials are highly comprehensive and include things like Kraft, metal foil, polypropylene (PP), polyethene (PP) and re-engineered recycle-friendly plastic. We’re also packaging design experts that can help to tailor-make a solution that gives your brand the prominence it deserves.

What type of packaging is best for coffee?

Coffee products require packaging that is in a league of its own because freshness must always be maintained. CBF Print is experienced with producing packaging that guarantees freshness. Coffee products require secure vacuum-sealed bags or any other variation of sealed packaging. The point is to lock in the taste, aroma, and freshness of the product and that can only be achieved with specialised packaging of coffee. CBF coffee bags ensure that when your customers reach your products, the product is still fragrant and tastes the same as if it is directly exported from the coffee gardens.
CBF Print coffee bag advantages

CBF Print packaging guarantee

CBF print is more than just a coffee bag producer. We offer an endless service list of packaging options, but we can do much more for your business. We also provide communications and internal branding print services that can help to broadcast your brand mission in a big way. From custom vehicle wraps to mobile broadcasting capability, we’ve got you covered. As one of the leading food packing distribution specialists in Sydney, still privately owned, you’ll experience a different degree of care because we know what it takes to start a business and keep it running. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we aim to provide solutions that offer long-term, vision-related work. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you.

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