Last year, we partnered with the Upskills Foundation Inc. and its founder, Jane Walker and supported a new center for education in Tondo, Manila for young people who do not have the means to pay for their education.

Earlier this year, our local team in Manila had given their time and effort to help with the renovation and improvement of the center to be able to give the children a nice and comfortable place to learn.

In the meantime, there are about 550 children who are under our full time educational support and 460 students are on partial scholarship. The team continues to look for new donors who are willing to support these children’s educational needs.  Another amazing initiative Jane and her team have done this year was expanding the center and giving some of the fathers in the community the full time sustainable employment opportunities by producing shoes out of donated airplane tyres instead of having them disposed in landfill sites. In addition, the 100% recycled school shoe design has been perfected which the children are currently road testing and once the final design has been approved, there will be more room for employment for the fathers in the community. The aim is to be able to offer graduating students and both the parents of the children employment opportunities so they could afford to leave the slums and become self-sufficient.

Funding needs to continue and grow as we invest in making our services as effective as we can for the wider community and for the families who are in our direct care, currently around 8,000 individuals.

You’re always welcome to go and visit the site and meet with Jane’s team. This is a true partnership in Giving Back and we would love you on board. We encourage you to get involved and make a difference and turn these people’s lives around.