Cbf Print saves you time and money by managing your returned mail.

An often neglected factor in end-to-end mail management is the return to sender/mail response process. Returns cost money – not only in physical handling processes, but also in missed sales. On average 17 per cent of end customer records change every year.

When return mail isn’t managed correctly it’s not only time consuming, it also wastes money on postage and materials. By using our Returns Management service CBF Print effectively become the return address for all your undelivered mail items.

A daily update file is provided to you, which updates your systems on returned mail. This enables you to identify whether the recipient has moved or the address is erroneous.

Efficiently actioning dead or response mail by removing expired or out-of-date records helps your customers stay in touch with clients and re-engage with those they may have otherwise lost track of.

Tracking down lost customers is a key optional feature of our RTS service. Mail packs returned with no forwarding address for your lost, but highly valued, customers are processed into our mail management system for reconciliation using campaign and other unique identifiers.

Some clients take this service one stage further, asking us to identify the root causes and undertake remedial action for returned items. The details for each ‘lost’ customer is then compared with various databases, such as Australia Post’s master list of address change notifications. Using this process we’ve been able to provide clients with updated address details for more than 50 per cent of formerly ‘lost’ customers.

Our secure processing facility can handle millions of items. Costs for the service are surprisingly low and remove the headache of handling multiple occurrences of returned postal items.

We employ best of breed technologies for inbound mail automation to efficiently process and manage collection, separation and processing on behalf of our channel partners end clients.

We integrate your clients’ inbound mail requirements into a tailored solution to meet your needs. This includes unopened RTS processing and requests for further information, as well as completed applications that require both opening, scanning and handling. As well as Return to Sender mail, data entry and processing of responses or fulfilment of literature or marketing material requests.

Receiving inbound communications from end customers is a critical part of your clients’ outbound mail process. We can assist with customer feedback forms, offer fulfilment and resending items. This can be done via multiple feedback channels such as web, email, fax and reply mail. We can also automate the inbound communications process for your client by offering fully-structured and unstructured OCR document imaging and data entry.

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