CBF Print  has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. When your customers decide to replace traditional types of communication, we offer Multi-Channel Distribution to meet all their needs.

Enhanced Customer Service
CBF Print Archive’s unique structure enables you to offer a broader range of tools to your customers without the need for any special hardware or software.
100% Replica Documents
CBF Print  Archive’s generated archives are 100% dot to dot replicas of your printed documents.
In most cases CBF Print  Archive’s images are available online prior to the printed document reaching your customer. CBF Print  Archive is capable of archiving your entire print run ready for presentment over the web within 24 hours.
CBF Print Archive’s software architecture ensures complete security. The only way to access these CBF Print  Archive images is as a registered CBF Print  Archive operator with the relevant access privileges.
You only pay for each image processed through the CBF Print  Archive system, minimising the need to invest in expensive hardware and specialised software. The CBF Print  Archive is created directly from your existing print spool.
A User-Friendly Solution
CBF The fully featured user interface simplifies the archive and retrieval workflow. Operators require minimal training and support calls are reduced.
Small Stored Image Size
At less than one kilobyte stored image size, CBF Print  Archive offers storage sizes that are approximately one third the size of the accepted industry average.
Key Benefits:
  • Start immediately. No lengthy installation period.
  • Uses the current print file without the need for new infrastructure.
  • Implementation is minimal – simply enable a web browser and log-in to the system.
  • Improve customer service. “Stay on the same page” literally.
  • Costs are tied to usage, providing short-term payback.
  • Minimal administration is required, increasing solution efficiency.
  • Document retrieval is performed in seconds, increasing operator productivity.
  • CBF Print  Archive’s unique image format secures your sensitive customer data.

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