At CBF Print we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and giving you the best results. We can produce labels that most other label printers cannot produce by using the latest  technology and by offering:

• Light fast colours
• Almost any substrate up to 400um thick

• Strong, opaque white ink
• Non toxic FDA food approved colours

• No length restrictions – any repeat

Quick Turnaround – Digital label printing doesn’t require plates – so you don’t have to pay for a printing plate for each color in your label. No plates also means a shorter setup time so your labels are printed faster. Custom labels printed on a digital label press can be printed in less time, so you receive your labels faster.

High Quality – When it comes to product labels, vibrant high-quality graphics grab the most attention. Your labels will have crisp clear images and life-like colors.

No plates and less time setting up means costs for digital label printing are very low for short run labels as compared to flexographic labels. This cost benefit is maximized for relatively small quantities of custom labels or “short run labels”. Another savings with digital label printing – you can order only the product labels you need right now, rather than ordering custom labels in bulk simply to get the best price.

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