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Retort pouches are ideal for products that will be positioned on retail shelving. We can offer you other additional custom features like pouches with zippers or other resealable functionality. This is the perfect way to protect the integrity and quality of your brand because our custom stand-up pouch bags are designed to put your product and the customer’s needs first. Perfect for organic food products, coffee, tea, cosmetics, pet food, healthy foods, nuts, tea, spices and herbs, cookies, several types of biscuits and granola. Give your products the good image they deserve while marketing your product to increase your sales ratio.

Advantages of stand-up pouches

CBF Print pouches come with many advantages but most of them are centred around delivering a convenient customer experience of your product. Customers can clearly see the product better, in a way that attracts shoppers and increases the chances of selling the product. Transparency, in the figurative and literal sense, is an effective way to let customers know that you delivered on your promise. We recommend that you pack your products in a straight line for better sales. We can make stand up pouches with an easy-to-use zipper and other features because customers love a product, they can easily open and close again. Speak to us about the wide level of customizable features available to you including different sizes, colours and digital brand printing.

Types of pouch bags on offer

Stand-up pouches

Box bottom pouches

3 side seal pouches

Flexible packaging

CBF Print packaging guarantee

You can rely on us for many service guarantees that safeguard your hard-earned investment. Your product deserves a packaging company that is equally invested in your success and that’s what you’ll get with us here at CBF print. We’re happy to welcome you into our network of happy clientele that has continued to rely on us, over and over again, since we started this business 37 years ago.

As one of the leading retort pouch specialists in Sydney, still privately owned, you’ll experience a different degree of care because we know what it takes to start a business and keep it running. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we aim to provide solutions that offer long-term, vision-related work. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you.

Within the Australian market for pouch bags, CBF Print is an industry leader. We are experts in delivering pouch bags of the highest possible quality in an extensive range of designs, dimensions, and materials so that we can cater to the requirements of our customer. Our pouch bags are an excellent choice for the packaging of food, pet food, cosmetics, and a variety of other items, and they can be personalised with your company’s logo and design.

Due to the fact that we have been in this industry for a significant amount of time, the members of our team of skilled experts have the experience as well as the expertise required to produce the ideal pouch bags for your requirements. In order to guarantee that our goods are of the highest possible quality, we only make use of the most recent technologies and equipment.

Our pouch bags are constructed using high-quality materials, and they are intended to be long-lasting and sturdy as a result of their design. Because we provide a diverse selection of alternatives, such as stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and zipper pouches, you will be able to choose the pouch that is most suitable for your needs. In addition, we provide a wide variety of customisation options, such as a selection of sizes, colours, and printing choices, so that you may design a pouch that is an excellent match for your products and brand.

At CBF Print, we take great pleasure in the superior service that we provide to our clients. We are aware that each customer has their own particular preferences and expectations, and because of this, we collaborate closely with each customer to make sure that the pouch bags they get are just right for them. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality goods and services that are currently available.

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