There is nothing more sensitive than your client’s data. For many years CBF Print  has been involved in high-security data processing.Our expert team can accept and manage your data in many different forms. We’ve yet to see input data that can’t be transformed into a Multi-Distribution solution, which cuts costs and increases revenue for the mail generator.

We focus on customised Business Process Automation to minimise risk, eliminate manual processes, ensure data integrity, increase information efficiency and maximise cash-flow.

An end-to-end solution – including:

  • Data Entry and database systems
  • Database development and maintenance
  • De-duplicating, merging, purging and casing
  • Data reformatting, enhancement and processing
  • Automated postal sorting via barcoding and Printpost Linehaul
  • Electronic archival and storage retrieval solutions
  • Automated seamless distribution systems including Print, SMS, Fax and Email all from single source files.

CBF Print  has invested in the world’s most up-to-date software to automate, control, measure and deliver your information output. We welcome opportunities to discuss these purpose-built solutions, because we haven’t found a mail generator that can’t be improved.

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