There are many options for corrugated box design that is stronger than regular cardboard for shipping packaging. CBF print is an experienced product packaging expert in Sydney and we know what it takes to design products perfect for shipping or courier. Shipping cartons are specially made for carrying heavier items and are made more durable to do so. Contact our sales team for more information. We have various stock sizes available, but we are more than happy to work on a custom order, should you enquire to do so. Our shipper cartons are exclusively made of the highest quality corrugated cardboard, but we also have litho-laminated cartons available on request. We have a variety of flute profiles available, and we can explore them all.

What is a shipping carton?

Everyone benefits from the use of shipping cartons. That includes everyone from the business shipping the product, to the transporter of the goods and finally, to the customer who receives them. They are standard trade packages made of cardboard designed to safely hold products of all types as they are delivered. Shipping carton boxes are typically corrugated cardboard boxes and they are mass-produced in hundreds of different sizes. CBF Print offers a wide variety of cardboard shipping boxes and cartons that rivals many local packaging companies because we’ve been doing it for over 35 years. Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger than your average cardboard box because they’re made from many layers of reinforced layers. Our shipping cartons are built for toughness and that is exactly what you need for shipping processes. Let us, help you, in protecting your product as it is delivered wherever it needs to go.

Our shipping cartons are easy to assemble, and we can also handle this aspect of the job for you. If your business relies on major inventory storage, then our cartons are ideal for maximizing shelf space while organizing your inventory. Our corrugated boxes can come with printed company messaging for easy content identification. You’ll enjoy a low-price guarantee and a company with a personal touch if you choose CBF print. Since we started this business over 35 years ago, we’ve helped many of our partners find a packaging plan perfect for them.

CBF Print packaging guarantee

No one can do it like we do because we’ve been product packaging experts for over 35 years now.. That means we come equipped with an entirely different level of experience. That also means we’re quick to spot potential issues and nip them in the bud as soon as possible. Not only are we quick to spot potential issues, we’re also quick to deliver the goods you need because our production processes have had many decades of perfecting behind them. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we aim to provide solutions that offer long-term, vision-related work. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you.

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