Design and options

As a full service design and print supplier, CBF Printing can transform your ideas into reality.
Our business model allows for agile solutions to meet for your design and print needs. Use our experience to discover the best solution.

We have vast experience in designing catalogues , flyers, and general stationery to help you achieve your goals.

Refreshing Existing Designs

It is more important than ever for firms to keep abreast of the changing environment and refresh their labels, food packaging, stationery and product catalogues. We can help assist you with all these projects.

Logo Design/Re-branding

A logo represents your company on many platforms, print, signage , email, internet. As such it can be a valuable tool for customers to identity your brand, product or service and can convey to client the quality, service, reliability and trust. CBF understands this and will work closely with you on recreating your logo or helping you create a new one.

Brand Consistency

Packaging Design

Your packaging design is very important and will be the first point of contact with a potential customer. As a result packaging designed must to be attractive, instantly catching a customer’s eye ,differentiating it from the competition, and makeing it look appealing so it is selected by the client.

Label Design

Labels convey mandatory information like product name, ingredients , nutritional information etc. which needs to be clear and concise. The design also need to attract the customer and to entice them to try the product.

Catalogue Design

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