Shelf Ready
CBF Print offers custom design expertise for our clients looking for shelf-ready carton solutions. Shelf-ready cartons are supposed with designed your products in a way that is easily applicable to any store shelf. Our shelf-ready cartons can be easily placed on a shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking. We offer a variety of retail ready packaging styles in a selection of materials. The entire carton is completely customisable. If the cartons are designed for more specialist use, we also offer materials suitable for fridge and freezer applications. Colour options aren’t limited and we can also explore lamination techniques.

Advantages of CBF print shelf-ready cartons

What is a shelf-ready carton?

Shelf-ready packaging refers to container designs that are already optimized for easy identification, stocking, and shopping for retail settings and shelves. That means that your products can be picked up and slid in place as soon as you deliver them to your chosen retailer. There is little unpacking or set-up required because empty cartons can just be replaced with full ones.
  • Shelf-ready products improve brand visibility

The shelf carton gives your product a customised frame that improves the quality of the product displayed on a shelf. This means that your customers can recognise you easier and are more likely to notice and grab your product. Innovative design is the best way to boost brand activation. Anything too messy, complicated or overpacked may turn customers away from that section of the shelf. Rely on CBF Print’s design expertise to help you in navigating what is too much and what is just enough for customers to respond to your brand when they see it on the shelf.

CBF Print packaging guarantee

While our area of expertise is focused on producing the packaging that gives your brand the recognition it deserves, we also know what it takes to build that reputation. Thanks to our 37 years in the business, we know how to partner with you in an innovative way that combines your business growth goals with your package messaging strategy. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you. We can guarantee that all the products will be high quality, but we also know that we can produce them in much quicker turnaround times than our competitors.

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