micro-perforated bags & film


Micro-perforated bags and film are ideal for products that need to be kept warm or reheated. These bags can handle warm temperatures without shrinking or melting. They are ideal for packaging baked goods such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, quiches, samosas, and other foods requiring reheating such as tacos, veggie burgers, etc. CBF Print only produces specialist food packaging that is meant to withstand the conditions by which they are meant to be consumed. Give us a call and we can discuss so much more than just the bags for your products. We can explore custom labelling, print and signage tools that really give your brand name a new presence.

What is a micro-perforated film?

Micro-perforated film is a sheet of packaging material that is imprinted with micro-holes that allow air permeation to maintain the rate of respiration. CBF print has highly advanced machinery that makes all these micro holes in the film that can be as little as 1mm by laser process. This is one of many of our custom-made packaging products that can benefit from micro-perforation. You can use these bags and films for a wide variety of commercial applications whether it is for the sale of your products directly to consumers or for internal packaging needs. For food product producers, you can use our micro-perforated products to package fresh foods and so much more. CBF print is highly experienced in the mass production of this and other packaging solutions with advanced technology for making plastic packaging in different sizes, tapers, thicknesses and with or without printing, specifically for food and food products. We have stock options in place for customers but are also open on a custom order basis. Please contact us as soon as possible and we can explore a solution perfect for you.
Benefits of micro-perforated bags

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We’ve been in the business of improving product packaging design for over 35 years. There is no order too big or too small for our team and everyone gets the VIP treatment. We don’t want you to call us for a once-off project, we want to build a long term relationship with you. The team at CBF Print will work hard to give you service that keeps you relying on our expert expertise. We deliver on time, with quick turnaround times and we’re brilliant at offering a wide variety of custom solutions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we aim to provide solutions that offer long-term, vision-related work. You can help us grow and expand our footprint, while we provide the best packaging and print solutions to you.


1. Food Packaging

Micro perforated bags are suitable for products that need to be kept warm or reheated. They can handle warm temperatures without shrinking or melting. The material can be printed with your branding and other essential information, making it an attractive and effective packaging solution for baked goods such as pies, sausage rolls, pasties and quiches. Micro perforated bags are also suitable for foods that require reheating such as tacos and vegie burgers.

2. Medical Products

Micro perforated film is also used in the medical industry. It can be used to create sterile medical products such as dressings, bandages, and surgical wraps. The material’s sterile properties make it ideal for these types of applications, as it helps to reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, the perforations allow for airflow and the material’s thinness makes it comfortable for patients to wear.

3. Industrial Uses

Micro perforated film is also used in industrial applications. Its thinness and strength make it ideal for use in protecting products from dirt and dust, as well as from extreme temperatures. The material can also be used as a noise and vibration dampener, making it useful in industrial settings.


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