At the beginning of July, Frank Ganis, CBF Print’s Managing Director, visited London and Paris for a short trip and took this opportunity to have knowledge about Europe‘s packaging business environment.

Frank has gained more ideas regarding Food Packaging trends and innovations which are used not only for branding and exposing information but also for protection of the contents of a product.

One of the services CBF Print offers is enhancing, reinforcing and extending clients’ products and brands with customised, innovative Food Packaging. CBF Print produces custom food/product cartons, sleeves, vacuum pouch bags, stand up pouch bags, soup/coffee cup and lids and has many successful projects ranging from bespoke boutique product launches to high-calibre products placed in Aldi, Coles and Woolworths stores nationally.

Food Packaging has become dynamic and has changed over time. Today, minimalism has become a rising trend in modern packaging. Minimalism makes the packaging cleaner and much easier for the information to be seen and it actually reduces costs. We now usually see bold flat colours in food packaging more than before and the use of gradient colours has been quite dormant. Packaging Designs have changed. Products no longer come in just regular rectangular boxes or cylindrical jars but are now created with added convenience and dimensions that consumers would find interesting while some companies have been moving away from their brand specific colours and use set of colours that will reflect with the products’ characteristics, colours or flavours.

Technology has also been incorporated in Packaging to provide consumers with more information and convenience. Consumers could actually use their smartphones to scan embedded NFC chips and printed QR codes to know more about the products.

Innovative and Informative Food Packaging will be the face of a business’ product and its exposure’s effects will boost sales in the highly competitive environment. Frank has seen how companies in Europe embrace the importance of marketing the products with the usage of biodegradable packaging materials as we are aiming for a greener future and we all should be. Upon Frank’s visit to Europe, he looks forward to add and share the ideas he learned to the consumers in Australia.

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