Supporting those less fortunate in developing nations

Supporting those less fortunate in developing nations

This recent week I was fortunate enough on my business trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong to spend some time with the locals in an area of the Philippines called Palawan Island. A beautiful location to travel for a break, however the economic challenged region supported with only water, no power in the villages is in serious need of support. What is incredibly uplifting is the locals have such a positive happy nature even when they have so little compared to developed western countries.

I was humbled by the energetic and positive reception my wife and I received when we went to visit the local elementary school in Palawan near the hotel we were staying at.

When engaging in a conversation with the teaching staff and principal at the school we were told about the exciting plans they want to implement to assist and provide ongoing communication between staff and students from the school to foster better relations, resources and common vision for education within the community that everyone can appreciate.

To assist in building their vision and exchange ongoing ideas to aid the education of these children CBF Print will be directly assisting in their project.

We will also when suitable be asking some of our clients and suppliers if they would also like to participate. I have enclosed a few photos of the region below.

Kindest Regards
Frank Ganis
CBF Print