Sponsorship of Education Programs in Manila via Integrated Office Solutions

Sponsorship of Education Programs in Manila via Integrated Office Solutions

One of the key pillars of CBF’s Mission is to leave a legacy. During my visits to the Philippines, I have been touched with the warmth and friendliness of it’s people, and in particular the children.

We often complain in Australia about issues that most people here never worry about as they are hard-pressed trying to scrape together enough money to feed their families and send their children to school to hopefully break the cycle of poverty.

CBF’s aim is to help educate the children that can’t afford education and get them out of the homelessness cycle.

One of our partners and the main driver of this project, Rodney Frost, met with Jane Walker from Upskills Foundation on 19 July (https://upskillsfoundation.org/main.php). Jane has been working tirelessly for nearly 20 years in Manila helping thousands of children with education and preparation for getting a job.

This Foundation runs their charity very leanly with under 13% of revenue going to administration costs.

There was a tour of the site in Tondo where some of the assisted families reside. These families live in Pagpag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagpag) which would break anyone’s heart to see.

The parents of the children make the Ring Pull Products (from soft drink cans) and CBF will be creating an online store to market these products with all proceeds given back to the cause. Upskills Foundation receive 4 tons of ring pulls a year of these.

We are attempting to set up a wider program that will host around 250-300 children a day to learn relevant programs in English, Mathematics, living skills and so on. I can supply more information and take anyone interested on a tour if required.

We will be working with the graduates for On-the-Job Training and we’ll get the people involved to apply for jobs when they are capable. We are hoping to be able to cover the rent for the building to help these children and together turn their lives around.

Kindest regards,

Frank Ganis

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