CBF Print Now Sourcing Direct from China

CBF Print Now Sourcing Direct from China

CBF Print has establish a partnership with Hong Kong based Global House (HK) Limited a freight forwarding, logistics and sourcing organisation. This exciting partnership means CBF Print can now source directly products for its clients from China and ship these direct to Australia or anywhere else around the world. This includes CBF Print now being able to handle the logistics and freight forwarding of products for also our clients.

With our joint experience in mainland China going back over 15 years and our production and sourcing knowledge from multiple regions within mainland China, CBF Print and Global House (HK) Limited have an intricate understanding of China and where to source the best quality products from.

We also offer in-house Quality Assurance (QA) checks for all products sourced, providing a high level of satisfaction with greater safety then what would be achieved outsourcing this component.

As another expansion in our product line with this partnership we now offer full Project Management services. This means each phase of your project from the initial development of a concept, market research, branding, testing and packing through to the final distribution.

We look forward to working with our current and new clients to realise the great benefits of supplying a better product, at a competitive price and ensuring it arrives on time and meet the specifications set by you.


Kindest Regards
Frank Ganis
CBF Print

About Global House HK Ltd

Global House HK Ltd is a product solutions fulfilment specialist. Their core expertise is in the development and re-engineering of products and packaging solutions and includes sourcing raw materials and developing products for emerging compliance and standards requirements.

With over 20 years of experience in materials selection, printing techniques and design, They transform concepts into reality.

As our client, your goals are our goals and we exhaust all avenues to meet or exceed your expectations.